Nafeesa Amir
Name Nafeesa Amir
Affiliation Hanford University's School of Journalism
Occupation Student
Diplomat's daughter
Family Saleh Amir (father)
Aziza Amir (mother; deceased)
Jaleel Amir (brother)
Status Deceased
First Appearance "Honor"

Nafeesa Amir was the daughter of former Afghani ambassador Saleh Amir and his wife Aziza. Born in Afghanistan, Nafeesa moved with her family to the United States when her father became an ambassador under the Taliban in the late 1990s. The culture shock was considerable, but Nafeesa relished the freedom offered by the States and had dreams of becoming a journalist. Sometime around 2000, she fell in love with another Afghani immigrant, Daoud Tarzi. But when he proposed to her, she turned him down, suddenly afraid of what her parents would do to her, because she had already been promised to the son of a Taliban minister. She and Daoud got into a fierce argument and she ended up running back to her parents' home where, utterly distraught, she confessed that she and Daoud had made love. Her father was enraged and killed her, forcing her older brother Jaleel to help him. Nafeesa was later found in the middle of a park, nearly dead. Paramedics tried to save her, but she had lost too much blood, and was dead by that night. (SVU: "Honor")

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