L&O, Episode 10.21
Production number: E1123
First aired: 10 May 2000
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Green Briscoe Narcosis
Written By
Kathy McCormick & Lynne E. Litt

Directed By
Constantine Makris

Plot Edit

The discovery of a strangled prostitute's body leads to a case involving illegal immigrants and the vents have an impact on a family.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Guest cast Edit

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Quotes Edit

Ed Green: Starting with the vans that showed up regularly we got one registered to Happy Days Plumbing.
Lennie Briscoe: Plumbers.
Ed Green: Babydoobeedoo Diaper Service.
Lennie Briscoe: Serious?
Ed Green: Serious. And an expired registration on Enchanting Imports, 9199 West Street.
Lennie Briscoe: Sounds promising.

"You're not rich, you're not 38 and that's not a Porsche. I bet if we checked under the hood you'd be 0 for 4."
Briscoe arresting Kevin Malone
"You might as well say "Playboy made me do it". It's ridiculous."
Abbie Carmichael about internet addiction

Background information and notes Edit

Episode scene cardsEdit

1 2 3

11th Precinct
230 West 35th Street
Monday, February 8

Office of
Alan Waldes, Esq.
440 Sixth Avenue
Friday, February 12

Home of
Mr. & Mrs. Burt Malone
Corona, Queens
Wednesday, March 3

4 5

Supreme Court
Trial Part 32
Tuesday, May 11

Supreme Court
Trial Part 32
Wednesday, May 12

Previous episode:
Law & Order
Season 10
Next episode:
"High & Low"
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