Natalie Relais
Name Natalie Relais
Affiliation Millicent Fawcett School
Occupation Teacher
Pathology Statutory rapist
Family Unnamed fiancé
Status Deceased
Actor Betty Gilpin
First Appearance "Learning Curve"

Natalie Relais was a teacher who was having sex with one of her students, named Luca Gabardelli.

History Edit

When Natalie's former lover Joanne sees them having sex in the library, Luca accuses a male teacher, Mr. Simms, of molesting him to cover up what he and Natalie were doing. When the detectives discover that their accounts were lies, Natalie tells him to accuse Joanne of rape and even tells him about a book that she and Joanne use to read and about a scar on Joanne's upper inner leg, so his accusations against her would be more believable.

Eventually, it is revealed that Natalie is the teacher Luca is having sex with, but before she could be arrested, Luca ends up killing her. Luca had gone to her, saying that they should run away together, but she rejected him and his offer. She then told him that she had a fiancé in Atlanta who she was going to marry. Unable to handle her rejection, he grabbed a knife, used it to hold her hostage, and eventually killed her with it. (SVU: "Learning Curve")

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