Ned Eisenberg
RogerKressler Roger Kressler
James Granick, Roger Kressler, Jerry Kleinert, Klein Rothberg, Attorney Phillips, Danny Sussman, and Artie Ableson
Date of birth
13 January 1957
Place of birth
New York City, New York, USA
IMDb profile

Ned Eisenberg is an American actor who played many different characters in Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.


James Granick
Attorney James Granick Attorney Jerry Kleinert Attorney Klein Rothberg Attorney Roger Kressler
L&O: "Mad Dog" • "Loco Parentis" • "Standoff" • "Smoke" • "Driven" • "Memo From The Dark Side" SVU: "Payback" • Exiled: A Law & Order Movie SVU: "Closure (Part II)" SVU: "Wrath" • "Guilt" • "Competence" • "Silence" • "Damaged" • "Brotherhood" • "Mean" • "Birthright" • "Outcry" • "Ghost" • "Alien" • "Manipulated" • "Infiltrated" • "Confession" • "Hammered" • "Witness" • "Delinquent" • "Spiraling Down" • "Legitimate Rape" • "Collateral Damages"
Danny Sussman
Artie Ableson
Danny Sussman Artie Ableson Attorney Phillips
CI: "Shandeh" CI: "30" L&O: "By Perjury"

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