The Kingdom of the Netherlands is a small kingdom in Western Europe. While Amsterdam is the capital, the Hague is its seat of government. The Hague is often the jurisdiction to try international or war criminals, including Joseph Serumaga.

Netherlands was neutral in both World Wars but was invaded in the Second War. On May 10, 1940, the Netherlands was invaded by Nazi Germany. The highly advanced German Army paratroopers and panzers overpowered the Royal Netherlands Army, which had obsolete weapons. Using excellent roads, the German columns raced across the flat countryside before the Allied Powers could come to the rescue. On May 14, 50 German bombers attacked the port of Rotterdam, which after 15 minutes started fires which destroyed the city center. Rotterdam surrendered, followed by the Dutch government. Nazi Germany occupied the Netherlands until the Allies threw them off in 1945.

In 1991, the NYPD translated faxes from a Lebanese couple that talked about shipment of "clay" being transferred from Libya to the Netherlands. The "clay" was actually plastic explosive for the IRA. The Dutch police arrested three IRA insurgents in a safe house in Amsterdam. 100 pounds of plastic explosives were recovered. (L&O: "The Troubles")


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