The New York State Senate is the upper house of the New York State Legislature. It meets at the State Capitol in Albany.

The State Senate has members each elected to two-year terms. There are no limits on the number of terms one may serve. The New York Constitution provides for a varying number of members in the Senate; the current membership is 63, elected from single-member constituencies equal in population. The Senate is headed by its President, a post held ex officio by the Lieutenant Governor. The Senate President has a casting vote in the event of a tie, but otherwise may not vote, similar to the U.S. Vice President. More often, the Senate is presided over by the Temporary President, a post which is normally also held by the Majority Leader.

The Senate has one additional member outside those who are elected by the people: the Secretary of the New York State Senate is a post that is chosen by a majority vote of the senators, and does not have voting power (he/she is allowed, though officially discouraged, from discussing and negotiating legislative matters). The Secretary of the Senate is responsible for overseeing the handling of bills and the oversight of the sergeants-at-arms and the stenographer, both of which are answerable to the secretary.

Serena Southerlyn had an acquaintance who was a member of the State Senate. (L&O: "Shangri-La")

Dena Carter was a candidate for the State Senate before her indictment on murder charges. (L&O: "Deadlock")

Bradley Hagen's brother is a State Senator. (L&O: "The Ring")

Dave Seaver was a candidate for the State Senate. (SVU: "Abomination")

Maureen Pagolis was a former State Senator contemplating a run for mayor of New York City before her arrest on a murder charge. (CI: "Albatross")


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