Nicky Pratt
Name Nicky Pratt
Occupation Student
Pathology Rapist
Double Murderer
Family William King (uncle)
Roberta King (aunt)
Jason King (Cousin; Deceased)
Status Imprisoned For Life
Actor Paul David Story
First Appearance "Gone"

Nicky Pratt is a young man accused of raping and murdering Jennifer Durning, a Canadian student who went missing on her class field trip to New York. Even though Nicky and his partner Doug Waverly were later acquitted of murdering Jennifer, they were later arrested for murdering his cousin, Jason King, with the assistance of Nicky's girlfriend, a court officer named Emily McCooper. (SVU: "Gone")

Known Victims

  • Jennifer Durning (murdered with Doug; her body was never found)
  • Jason King (murdered with Doug)

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