Nicole Phillipe
Name Nicole Phillipe
Affiliation Belfo Cosmetics
Occupation Model
Pathology Conspirator
Status Alive
Actor Isabella Grasso
First Appearance Flight

Nicole Phillipe is a fifteen-year-old model who was bribed to say that Jordan Hayes was raped by a twelve-year-old fellow model named Dominique Moreau.

History Edit

While she and Moreau were working for a friend of Hayes, who owned a modeling agency, they were invited to Hayes's birthday party by his girlfriend Dahlia Jessup. Phillipe and Moreau flew from France to New York City on one of Hayes's private jets, believing they were about to have their "big break". When they get to the party, Phillipe drinks liquor but can't hold it in and throws up in the bathroom, while Jessup sends Moreau into Hayes's massage room so he can sexually assault her.

After the party, Phillipe flies back to France on Hayes's jet while Moreau flies back to France on a commercial plane. When the SVU detectives start investigating Hayes for raping Moreau, he and his lawyers tell the detectives that he was raped. Hayes then gets Phillipe to support his claims against Moreau to Benson, Stabler, and Cragen. After she does so, Hayes's friend makes her the face for his cosmetics company. (SVU: "Flight")

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