Nicole Price
Nicole price svu
Name Nicole Price
Occupation Housekeeper
Waitress (former)
Family Matthew Forte (fiancé)
Status Alive
Actor Amelia Rose Blaire
First Appearance "Wonderland Story"

Nicole Price is a housekeeper who was raped by her fiancé Matthew Forte's best friend Cameron Tyler.


While attending the same college together Nicole and Sarah Walsh became good friends and also worked as caters together. When she and Matthew Forte get engaged they decide to stay celibate until the wedding. When Tyler has a new years party she goes and is drugged and raped by him and he rips off her earring to keep as a souvenir, the next day when Nicole wakes up she was unable to remember the rape and Tyler takes her to the house of a doctor who is his friend so she would't go to the ER and when she losses her job Tyler hires her as a housekeeper. When Sarah is ready to start having fun (after recovering from her first rape) Nicole invites her to a party where she meets Cameron. When the detectives tell Nicole Sarah was raped again she is shocked and worried for her and she tells them about the party they went to.

When the detectives bring her into the precinct to ask her more questions about Tyler she tells them about the New Years party. When the detectives realize she was raped also they tell her. Rollins and Benson also tell her that Tyler also raped Sarah much to her shock and they ask her to help catch them. When Tyler gets home she tells him that she is pregnant which eventually causes him to admit they had sex. When the SVU detectives barge in to arrest him Tyler get angry that Nicole lied to him and she says to him "You Raped me and you Raped Sarah" Benson takes her away to console her while they search his house and arrest Tyler. While she and Forte are at the precinct she tells them how she tried to apologize to Sarah but she was to angry to listen but Benson and Amanda Rollins tell her that Sarah is just working through the trauma. She then sees Forte try to attack Tyler while he is being brought in. Tyler eventually pleads guilty to assaulting Nicole, Sarah and two other women.

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