"Night and Fog"
L&O, Episode 3.13
Production number: 68018
First aired: 3 February 1993
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Stone Night & Fog
Written By
René Balcer & Michael S. Chernuchin

Directed By
Ed Sherin

A Jew who worked with the Nazis during World War II is accused of killing his wife, a Holocaust survivor.

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"My father was a G.I. in World War II. First regiment into Büchenwald. He never forgot how he felt when he saw those people. He wasn't religious, but he said after that day he believed in the devil. This stuff never went away, Mike."

- Lennie Briscoe

"Ben, you are walking through history. God help us if you fall down."

- Judge Rebecca Stein

"She wasn't protecting her father. She was protecting her son."

- Benjamin Stone

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  • This episode appears to be based on the John Demjanjuk ("Ivan the Terrible") case. (Source: John Demjanjuk at Wikipedia)
  • With a storyline about a Nazi collaborator, it's probably not a coincidence that the episode title "Night and Fog" is also the title of Alain Resnais' famed 1955 documentary about the Nazi concentration camps. "Nacht und Nebel" (German for "Night and Fog") was also a directive of Adolf Hitler resulting in kidnapping and disappearance of many political activists and resistance 'helpers' throughout Nazi Germany's occupied territories. It was a specific punishment for opponents of the Nazis in occupied countries and intended to intimidate local populations into submission by denying families and friends of "les disparus" all knowledge of what had happened to them.
  • In this episode we learn that Detective Lennie Briscoe's father was a G.I. in World War II, and belonged to the first Allied regiment that went into the Büchenwald concentration camp.

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