Nina Laszlo
Nina Laszlo
Name Nina Laszlo
Affiliation Laszlo Agency
Division Fashion
Occupation Owner of Laszlo Agency
Modeling agent and manager
Status Alive
Actor Bebe Neuwirth.
First Appearance ...Or Just Look Like One
Nina Laszlo is a character in the episode ...Or Just Look Like One.

Nina Laszlo was Jazmin and Vanessa's modeling agent and manager. She has all of the city's best models and makes a fortune. She handles over 150 minor models and 'doesn't fire them on their 18th birthdays.' At the modeling agency when Jazmin was attacked and sent to the hospital, Laszlo tells Benson and Stabler she left the photo shoot when she felt everything was okay. When asked about Jazmin's use of amphetamines, Laszlo denied knowing anything about it. She states that after she left, Carlo was in charge of the girls and their safety. When Olivia asks her what kind of car she drives, she tells her a white Acura.

During another meeting, Nina was arrested and is ready to talk about Jazmin and Vanessa. Nina tells her that she orders speed to keep the girls in fighting form; to them, it was vitamins. She figured, 'You raise a stink, you lose the girls to another agency.' She tells them that Carlo had a private Polaroid collections of himself with models and that Jazmin said he made her 'Lewinsky'/ have oral sex with him for his collection, then refused to use her on the shoot and for revenge, she stole all of them and wanted to use them to make sure he never worked around and the last time she heard from her, she was in the hospital.

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