"No Surrender"
SVU, Episode 18.12
Production number: 18010
First aired: 22 February 2017
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Written By
Gavin Harris
Kinan Copen

Directed By
Stephanie Marquardt


Fin revisits his former military precinct when an Army Ranger has trouble trying to recuperate from a sexual assault.




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Columbus Memorial
568 West 113th Street
Monday, January 9

492 West 35th Steeet
Monday, January 9

Warrior Martial Arts
30-57 Steinway Street
Astoria, Queens
Tuesday, January 10

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Office of Major Robert Dantley
Fort Hamilton Army Base
Wednesday, January 11

Arraignment Court
Part 12
Thursday, January 12

Fort Hamilton Army Base
Thursday, January 12

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"No Surrender"
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Season 18
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