Noah Sibert
Noah Sibert
Name Noah Sibert
Pathology Serial rapist
Family Gwen Sibert (wife)
Christopher Ryan (son)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Luke Perry
First Appearance "Trials"

Noah Sibert is a serial rapist who eventually married one of his own victims five years after attacking her. He is also a former failed musician and the foster father of Christopher Ryan, the son of one of his rape victims.

Brief History

Noah's father left his mother when he was younger. Years later, he ran away from home to record a song with Public Vagary, along with bandmates Dave and Danny Jones and then joined a commune located upstate. He later married Gwen and they fostered a child that was the son of a rape victim in Gwen's support group.

Relationship with Christopher and Career

Noah seems to care for and love Christopher, although it is unclear as to whether he truly cares for him or if it is another way for him to take control. He controls Christopher by not letting him any treats or food that could be construed as unhealthy.

When he is not with Christopher, Noah deals with his clothing line, the GreenLine, grown out of his passion for the environment. The GreenLine is eventually what implicates him in rapes.


Noah is found to be connected to all the women and have a connection to the screen names that the women were in contact with. He is questioned and confronted by the detectives. They lay out his motivation for the rapes and he maintains his innocence. He is later recruited for a voice lineup, which fails to prove him guilty. He later comes in contact with Caitlyn again in the squad room and she realizes from his voice that he raped her.

Arrest and aftermath

The police come to Noah and Gwen's home and arrest him. When Gwen confronts Noah in disbelief, he tells her to tell them the "truth"; that they were in love and she filed a false police report. His relationship with her likely ends at that point as she realizes the truth and she knees him in the groin before he is put in the squad car. Noah took the plea deal and received the maximum sentence by being threatened with a penalty of 25 years and being charged with a hate crime, which is his specific subset of women.

The attacks

Noah found his victims through online dating services for single mothers, who worked outside of their homes, with the username 'Dave Jones'. He never showed up for their dates and then eventually raped each person he contacted. Noah maintained his raspy tone of voice when telling the victims to say they are bad mothers. He is careless after the first attack, which was on his future wife, by leaving DNA.


Noah is intelligent, which he demonstrates when he correctly guesses the mindset of the police when they are interrogating him the first time. Based on his treatment of Christopher and his insistence on taking Christopher, he can also be considered controlling.

Probable Significance to SVU Storyline Progression

Noah took care of the son of a cold case rape victim, Caitlyn, who Olivia had to revisit for the case. This is how Olivia realized she needed to talk to a counselor and learn to handle her near-rape. She recognizes herself in Caitlyn and seeks out a professional.

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