SVU, Episode 2.06
Production number: E1417
First aired: 24 November 2000
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Munch Fin Noncompliance
Written By
Judy McCreary

Directed By
Elodie Keene

Plot Edit

A schizophrenic who refuses to take his medication becomes the main suspect in a killing and an assault.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

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Quotes Edit

"Mark doesn't scare me, detective. Pathetic, narrow-minded people do."
Mrs. Nash about the stigma of mental illness

Dr. Emil Skoda: Do you refuse medication because you prefer the world you live in to reality?
Mark Nash: I'd be crazy if I didn't.

"I dream of angels, but I live with demons."
Mark Nash
Olivia Benson: When I said I'd have dinner with you I thought we might be sitting.
Elliot Stabler: You can sit in the car.
Olivia Benson: You're a classy guy, you know that?

Background information and notes Edit

Episode scene cards Edit

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Sandomir Residence
356 West 19th Street
Monday, November 13

Nash Residence
172 West 25th Street
Monday, November 13

Arraignment Court
Part 65
Wednesday, November 15

Sing Sing
Correctional Facility
Ossining, New York
Monday, November 20

Fast Stop Market
648 West 23rd Street
Monday, November 20

Previous episode:
"Baby Killer"
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Season 2
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