Norman Mills
Norman Mills
Name Norman Mills
Affiliation Church of the Sacred Redeemer (Catholic Church)
Occupation Reverend
Actor Jonathan Hogan
Last Appearance "Malignant"

Reverend Norman Mills is the leader of a congregation of the Church of the Sacred Redeemer in New York City.

As Reverend, he also heads the board of trustees of a nondenominational nursing home operated by his Church.

He was leading an effort to build a multi-million dollar recreation center and solicited contributions from members of the Church, such as pharmacist Jim Halliwell.

He was forced to divert funds from other projects to the recreation center when some contributors were not living up to their pledges, including Halliwell, who had attempted to reduce his contribution due to poor business at his pharmacy.

Mills was surprised to learn that Halliwell had been diluting his cancer medication before dispensing it in an attempt to fulfill his pledge. (CI: "Malignant")

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