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Oliver Tunney

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Oliver Tunney
Oliver Tunney
Name Oliver Tunney
Occupation House painter
Former clown
Pathology Convicted pedophile
Convicted sex offender
Wanted child molester
Status Unknown
Actor Jim Gaffigan
First Appearance "Countdown"

Oliver Tunney is a convicted sex offender and pedophile from New York City, for molesting children disguised as a clown.


Paroled sometime around 2001, Oliver, currently working as a painter, was briefly a suspect in a string of multiple kidnappings, rapes, and murders after being arrested for parole violation. He was subsequently cleared of all charges, but was also wanted for alleged molestations in Norwalk. The real perpetrator of the string of crimes, Clayton Mills, was later arrested after being lured out by police. (SVU: "Countdown")

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