Paige Summerbee
Paige Summerbee
Name Paige Summerbee
Occupation Student
Pathology Accomplice to murder
Accomplice to kidnapping
Status Imprisoned
Actor Kimberly McConnell
First Appearance "Mean"

Paige Summerbee is a sixteen-year-old student.


Paige attended the Tanner Day Academy with her friends Brittany O'Malley, Andrea Kent, and Emily Sullivan. She participated in the murder of Emily because she wanted to teach her a lesson. Paige never intended to kill her, but she never stopped Brittany either. During the subsequent investigation by the Special Victims Unit, Paige and her friends lied on many occasions to cover up their crime. She was arrested by Detectives Benson and Stabler.

She was convicted for her involvement in the crime. (SVU: "Mean")

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