Pam Adler
Pam Adler
Name Pamela Adler
Affiliation Adler, Rose & Klein
Occupation Ex-defense attorney
Pathology Alleged rapist
Status Imprisoned
Permanently disbarred
Actor Paige Turco
First Appearance "Ridicule"
Pamela "Pam" Adler was a defense attorney and senior partner at the law firm Adler, Smith, & Klein.


She was a skilled defense attorney, managing to defeat Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot in the high-profile case People vs. Hightower. When she and her associates Sidney Green and Amelia Chase were accused of raping male stripper Peter Smith, the fallout led to a civil lawsuit. Peter had a difficult time proving his case, since female-on-male rapes are rare, but Green attempted to settle. As a result, Adler and Chase murdered Green and made her death look like an auto-erotic asphyxiation accident. Though the Special Victims Unit initially believe that either husband Andrew Green or Peter Smith had done it, they eventually ruled that it was an accident.

The investigation in the Green case led to ADA Cabot charging Adler and Chase with first-degree rape, first-degree sodomy, unlawful imprisonment and third-degree assault. This case failed, primarily because Smith failed to disclose to the Manhattan District Attorney's Office that he'd filed a civil suit. Meanwhile, the SVU re-investigated Green's apartment and found evidence that pointed to Chase, who turned on Adler for Green's murder to get a reduced sentence. Adler was convicted of the assault and acquitted of the other charges, but was arrested for Green's murder as she was leaving the courthouse.

She was sentenced to 16 years in prison for murder in the second-degree after a plea bargain to avoid the maximum sentence, and her license as an attorney was permanently revoked.