Pat Linsky
Pat Linsky
Name Pat Linsky
Occupation Bartender
Family Unnamed wife (deceased)
Agnes Linsky (daughter)
Troy Linsky (son)
Status Alive
Actor John Ahlin
First Appearance "Mean"

Pat Linsky is the father of Agnes and Troy.


Pat's wife died when his daughter was only nine years old. He raised the children on his own. He attempted to get a restraining order against his daughter's bully, Emily Sullivan, with no success. He showed no remorse for Emily's death after she was murdered. During the investigation into the murder of Emily, Detectives Benson and Stabler suspected Pat for a while, but he had a solid alibi. He supported his family by working in a bar. He seemed to be a bit strict with his children, but he did care for them.

The Linksy family lived in Mount Vernon, New York. (SVU: "Mean")

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