Patty Trebay
Name Patricia Trebay
Title Baby Faced Butcher
Occupation College student
Pathology Double murderer
Con artist
Family Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Unnamed stepfather
Status Imprisoned
Actor Brooke Tansley
First Appearance "Renewal"

Patricia "Patty" Trebay (alias Belle Duffy) is a con artist and double murderer.


She was originally born and raised by her wealthy mother and stepfather in Dallas, Texas. In 2002, Trebay was a suspect in the murder of a homeless man and she pinned all the blame on her boyfriend. She eventually jumped bail and moved to New York, assuming multiple identities, including Belle Duffy. In 2007, she was later suspected in the murder of new police recruit Kenny Li, who was shot after breaking up a bodega robbery.

Trebay is now serving 25 years to life imprisonment in Bedford Hills for second-degree murder while awaiting extradition to Dallas to face another trial for the homeless man's murder. (CI: "Renewal")

Known VictimsEdit

  • 2002, Dallas, Texas: Unnamed homeless man (murdered and dismembered with her boyfriend)
  • 2007, New York City, New York: Kenny Li (shot once in the head)

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