Paul Devildis
Name Paul Devildis
Pathology Spree killer
Family Unnamed mother
Mary Devildis (wife)
Katherine Devildis (daughter)
Unnamed sister-in-law (deceased)
Status Imprisoned
Actor David Harbour
First Appearance "Family Values"

Paul Devildis was a spree killer who targeted people who offended his extremely conservative Christian beliefs.


Devildis was fired from his job, which threatened to bankrupt his family and destroy his self-image as a provider. He pretended to still be employed to save face with his wife Mary and teenage daughter Katherine, but over the next five months, he descended into mental illness. Among other things, his conservative religious beliefs escalated into fanaticism.

He first killed his sister-in-law, whom he viewed as immodest, by bashing her head in with a hammer. He then killed Katherine's drama teacher, a lesbian who was planning to direct Kathy in a production of a Tennessee Williams play. He had confronted the woman over his disapproval of his daughter being in a play written by an openly gay writer. When she refused to cancel the play, he killed her. He then killed his former boss by detonating a pipe bomb in the man's office.

When Goren and Eames questioned him about the murders, Devildis panicked, killed Mary and the family dog, and kidnapped Katherine, intending to kill her under the belief that he was sending her to Heaven. Katherine begged for her life and tried to escape, but Devildis overpowered her and prepared to kill her. At that moment, Goren arrived and convinced Devildis that he had served evil by committing murder, and the only way to atone for it was to spare his daughter's life and give himself up. Repentant, Devildis released Katherine and surrendered to Goren. (CI: "Family Values")

Known Victims

  • His unnamed sister-in-law (viewed as immodest; bludgeoned with a hammer)
  • Vilma (Katherine's lesbian drama teacher; bludgeoned with a hammer)
  • His unnamed former boss (killed with a pipe bomb)
  • Mary Devildis (his wife; killed)
  • Katherine Devildis (his daughter; kidnapped and attempted to kill; was released)
  • His unnamed mother (intended to murder)