Peter Blakemore
Peter Blakemore
Name Peter Blakemore
Title Judge
Actor Michael Murphy
First Appearance Semi-Professional

Peter Blakemore was a judge in New York City. He comes from a wealthy, upper-class family.


He graduated from both Columbia and Yale, which his family was able to pay for. He was a poor student, barely earning the grades to graduate. If not for his family's wealth and connections, he would not have done so.

Blakemore was well known in the legal community as an expert in the area of intellectual property law, and was held in high regard by attorneys such as Ron Carver. However, it was discovered that his work in that field was done by his court clerk (and mistress) Emily Trudeau, who had written many articles in legal journals which were attributed to Blakemore.

He was known to have made sexually inappropriate comments to Marie Duval, though he never assaulted her.

In 2002 he was a candidate for an open seat on the Appellate Court, along with Judge Raoul Sabatelli and two others. Blakemore, however, was considered to be the favorite.

His chance to get the seat, however, evaporated when the true authorship of his law review articles was discovered. (CI: "Semi-Professional")

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