Peter Stone
Name Peter Stone
Title State Attorney
Occupation Lawyer
Family Benjamin Stone (father, deceased)
Unnamed sister
Status Alive
Actor Philip Winchester
First Appearance "The Undiscovered Country"

Peter Stone was the former State's Attorney in Chicago, and later the new assistant district attorney for the Special Victims Unit.


On SVU, Stone was first seen at his father Benjamin's funeral. He and District Attorney Jack McCoy reminisced on Benjamin's last days, and Stone said that he was never close to his father. Later, Stone began crying about his loss after entering an empty courtroom and remembering his father.

Stone later became Special Counsel during the trial of then-A.D.A. Rafael Barba, who had killed an infant boy suffering from MDDS by turning off his life support. Though Barba was acquitted of all charges, he was too traumatized by the incident and resigned. As a result, Stone took his job as the A.D.A. assigned to the Special Victims Unit.

He is a strict, no-nonsense, by-the-book ADA who doesn't tolerate disturbances or unprofessional investigations in cases.


  • As a child, he played for the Chicago Cubs in baseball league.


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