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Phil Cerreta
Cerreta Vengeance
Title Sergeant
Affiliation New York City Police Department
Division Homicide Department
Precinct 27th Precinct
Family Elaine Cerreta (wife)
Linda Cerreta (daughter)
4 children
Status Retired
Actor Paul Sorvino
First Appearance Confession
Last Appearance Point of View

Sergeant Phil Cerreta was a homicide detective portrayed by Paul Sorvino on Law & Order. Cerreta joined the 27th Precinct after Max Greevey was gunned down in front of his house in 1991. He was partnered with Mike Logan. Although Logan initially resented him, they eventually formed a close working relationship. (L&O: "Confession")

Cerreta is portrayed as an Italian-American Catholic who, unlike his successor, Lennie Briscoe uses charm and manners to investigate cases. Little is revealed about Cerreta's personal life, except that he and his wife Elaine they have five children, and he had served in the military before becoming a police officer. His family has a history in the textile and printing businesses ("The Working Stiff") and are loyal trade union members. He has a 15-year-old daughter named Linda ("Wedded Bliss") born 1976 or 1977. He became a police officer in 1969 ("Prince of Darkness")

In 1992, Cerreta was shot in the spine by a black-market gun dealer but survived. (L&O: "Prince of Darkness") Soon afterwards, he told Logan of his decision to transfer to a desk job in the 110th Precinct. He was succeeded by Lennie Briscoe, who remained with the 27th Precinct until 2004. ("C.O.D.")

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