Pierson Dawes
Name Pierson Dawes
Pathology Serial rapist
Statutory rapist
Status Arrested
Actor Hasaan Gilmer
First Appearance "Townhouse Incident"

Pierson Dawes is an African-American serial push-in rapist and robber.


Pierson first came into SVU's crosshairs after he broke into a couple's apartment, stole all of their belongings, assaulted the husband, and raped the wife at gunpoint. After waiting a week following this assault, he broke into an apartment belonging to the Harris family and proceeded to rob Cynthia. When her husband Alec came home early, Pierson pistol-wipped Alec and tied him up, then forced him to watch as he raped Cynthia. Then, their daughter Sophie came home early as well. As a result, Pierson kidnapped her while taking Cynthia's credit and debit cards. He then took Sophie down to the basement, raped her as well, and left her down there while he escaped. He then gives Cynthia's bank card to Terrence Reynolds, who is later gunned down by police after he is mistaken for being the rapist. After this, Pierson decides to stop his attacks until the pressure is off. (SVU: "Community Policing")

The following year, he breaks into the King apartment and attempts to rape Stacey King. Her husband Glen comes home, and upon seeing Pierson, he shouts that he is a police officer. Pierson panics and flees up the fire escape after Stacey scratches his face. The Kings eventually call the police and SVU eventually finds and arrests Pierson for all of the rapes. As Detectives Carisi and Fin escort him back to the precinct, they try to get Pierson to confess but he immediately asks for an attorney. All of the victims identify him and he is escorted to the interrogation room while he waits for his attorney. (SVU: "Townhouse Incident")

Known VictimsEdit

  • 2015:
    • August: The first push-in rape and robbery:
      • Unnamed wife (raped at gunpoint)
      • Unnamed husband (assaulted; pistol-whipped)
    • August 18: The Harris apartment break-in:
      • Cynthia Harris (mother; raped at gunpoint and robbed)
      • Alec Harris (father; assaulted; pistol-whipped)
      • Sophie Harris (daughter; kidnapped and raped at gunpoint)
  • January 4, 2016: Stacey King (attempted to rape)

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