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"Pro Se"
L&O, Episode 6.21
Production number: K0119
First aired: 8 May 1996
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Pro Se
Written By
René Balcer & I.C. Rapoport

Directed By
Lewis Gould

Plot Edit

An investigation of multiple slayings lead to the arrest of a schizophrenic, who insists on acting as his own defense.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Guest cast Edit

References Edit


"I followed Linda Bowers to a on Prince Street. I believed...I believed she was plotting to hurt me. I waited for...for her to come out. She was taking too long so I went inside. A man came toward me and I became afraid. And I stabbed...him with the bayonet I had with me. Then I...This paper is full of needles. They cut me and I bleed. Do you hear those chariots? They stole them from me. They...they want me to sleep. They like that. That's why I killed her. I heard what Deborah said unto Barak--"The Lord shall discomfort me". But that's..."
James Smith relapses at allocution.
  • McCoy: Why doesn't he plead insanity?
  • Schiff: Because he's insane?

Background information and notes Edit

Episode scene cardsEdit

1 2 3

Wagner Trades School
246 E. Houston Street
Tuesday, February 28

St. Justin's Hospital
191 Second Avenue
Wednesday, March 1

St. Ive's Shelter
348 Canal Street
Friday, March 3

4 5 6

NY Public Library
Soho Branch
Monday, March 6

Supreme Court
Motion Hearing
Wednesday, March 22

Apartment of
Joanne Ellis
350 West 19th Street
Friday, March 24

7 8 9

Supreme Court
Trial Part 95
Wednesday, April 26

Supreme Court
Trial Part 95
Friday, April 28

Supreme Court
Trial Part 95
Wednesday, May 3

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"Pro Se"
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Season 6
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