Quickride Sex Trafficking Ring
Name Quickride Sex Trafficking Ring
Occupation Sex trafficking ring
Pathology Serial kidnappers
Status Disbanded
First Appearance "Spring Awakening"
Last Appearance "Girls Disappeared"

Quickride Sex Trafficking Ring was a sex trafficking ring featured prominently in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Their crimes range from sex trafficking, prostitution, assault, rape, and murder.


The Quickride Sex Trafficking Ring first came into SVU's crosshairs when pimp Augustino Aguilar, a.k.a. "Little Tino", and prostitute Ellie Porter robbed and raped a German tourist named Hans Erhard. After this, SVU set up a sting operation and caught Tino in the act with Lieutenant Declan Murphy acting as a john. He is freed but the police turn to Ellie, and Tino's mother's house is raided. Tino tries to flee but is caught and arrested. The police find drugs and weapons in her house but Tino and his mother pin the items on the latter's ex-husband. Angel later orders Ellie to be gang-raped and murdered for talking to the cops. Tino later confesses to ordering the hit, is arrested, and convicted on all the charges, all to protect Angel. (SVU: "Spring Awakening")

Member Selena Cruz witnesses Luna Garcia, Ellie's roommate, being arrested and informed Angel of the arrest. Angel sends Diego Ramirez to kill Luna, but he fails to kill her and Diego ends up being arrested as well. When Rollins and Fin later question Angel about accounts he used, he feigns not knowing anything about how the accounts are paid. He then tells them that he closed Tino's account five months ago for roughing up girls. One of the pimps, Joaquin Menendez, later calls Angel about a meeting he had with Nick Amaro and Angel decides to send a message by ordering hits on Diego, Tino, prostitute Missy Brooks, and Ellie's son Noah Porter. Diego, Missy, and one of her johns are killed while Noah and Tino survive. To cover his tracks, Angel trashes his office and destroys all of his records to make it look like he was a target too. When Selena is arrested, Angel sends his attorney to make sure she stays silent. The police manage to turn Selena and five of his prostitutes against him by raiding Angel's mansion in Tenancingo and rescuing their babies. They also get an additional statement from Tino and they go to arrest Angel as he is about to flee. In the confusion, Angel knocks Fin back and pulls out a gun to try and shoot Olivia Benson. Just as Angel is about to pull the trigger, Fin shoots him twice in the chest, killing him. (SVU: "Girls Disappeared")

Although the sex trafficking ring is broken up, the Quickride Car Service company managed to stay in business after Angel's death. (SVU: "Broken Rhymes", "Chasing Theo", "Genes", "Know It All")

Known MembersEdit

  • Angel Perez (leader; deceased)
  • Selena Cruz (Angel's bottom; imprisoned)
  • Augustino Aguilar, a.k.a. Little Tino (pimp; in witness protection)
  • Alminia Aguilar (manager of Tino's house; in witness protection)
  • Joaquin Menendez (pimp; imprisoned)
  • Diego Ramirez (hitman; deceased)
  • Angel's unnamed mother (manager of Angel's house; imprisoned)


All of the following girls were underage when they started working for Perez, meaning Perez facilitated the statutory rape of these girls by their johns

Known AssociatesEdit

  • Johnny Drake (leader of another sex trafficking ring who did business with Quickride on occasion)
  • Roger Pearson (child pornographer who sold children to Little Tino)
  • Alexa Pearson (child pornographer who sold children to Little Tino)

Known VictimsEdit

  • Unknown dates:
    • Selena Cruz (ordered her kidnapping, then Angel raped and impregnated her)
    • Five unnamed women (ordered their kidnappings, then Angel raped and impregnated all of them)
  • 2014:
    • Unknown dates: Four unnamed men (robbed at gunpoint by Tino)
    • May 3:
      • Hans Erhard (robbed and raped at gunpoint by Tino)
      • Lieutenant Declan Murphy (Tino attempted to rob him)
    • May 5: Ellie Porter (member; gang-raped and murdered by Little Tino, Diego Ramirez, and four unnamed men on Angel's orders)
    • August 6:
      • Luna Garcia (member; kidnapped, and Angel later ordered Diego Ramirez to kill her; survived)
      • Augustino Aguilar (member; assaulted; was shanked nine times by three assailants on Angel's orders)
      • The drive-by shooting at the suburbs (ordered by Angel; two fatalities):
        • Missy Brooks (shot once in the head)
        • Merrill Caswith (shot once in the head)
      • Diego Ramirez (hitman; injected with a hot-shot on Angel's orders)
      • The drive-by shooting at the park (ordered by Angel; no fatalities):
    • August 7:


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