Ralph Kessel
Name Ralph Kessel
Title Sergeant
Occupation Police officer
Pathology Dirty cop
Family Unnamed wife
Status Imprisoned
Actor Chris McKinney
First Appearance Parole Violations

Sergeant Ralph Kessel is a man who allowed his parole officers to abuse their parolees.

Background Edit

While working as the New York sergeant for probation officers, Kessel would allow his officers to abuse their parolees. Whenever the parolees tried to press charges, he would tamper with the evidence or help his officers discredit them. One of his most decorated parole officers, Donna Marshall, with whom he was close with, would force one of her parolees Jordan Dolphy to have sex with her in exchange for fixing his drug tests with vinegar.

Parole Violations Edit

When Marshall raped another parolee of hers named Tommy Sullivan, Sergeant Olivia Benson investigates his assault and asks Kessel to come in to question him about Marshall. While being question, he mentions how his parole officers have been accused of rape before. When Benson and Detective Nick Amaro reveal that the assaulted parolee was a man, Kessel tries to jokingly claim that it is not possible for a women to rape a man. He then tries to ask which of her parolees accused Marshall of rape, but Benson and Amaro end the interview and allow him to leave. He then informs Marshall that she is being investigated for rape, after which she inspects Sullivan and his fiancé Bella Carisi, Detective Dominick Carisi, Jr.'s sister, and plants prescription drugs to arrest and discredit him.

In court, while he and other parole officers support Marshall, he goes to Jordan, who was supposed to testify for A.D.A. Rafael Barba, and tells him that he is facing a drug charge and that if he testifies for Marshall's defense attorney, Mickey D'Angelo, he will make the charges against him go away. He then hides Jordan for the night so that Barba and the SVU detectives can't find him. When testifying, Jordan claims that he sold Sullivan the drugs and that he was coerced by the SVU detectives to testify for them. During Barba's cross examination, he gets Jordan to admit that Kessel offered to make the charges go away and that he was raped by Marshall also. After Marshall pleads guilty, Kessel is investigated for tampering with evidence and allowing his parole officers to abuse their power. (SVU: "Parole Violations")

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