Ralph Priatti
Name Ralph Priatti
Affiliation Whit-More High school
Occupation Student
Pizza deliveryman
Pathology Proxy rapist
Family Louis Priatti (brother)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Patrick Murney
First Appearance "Traumatic Wound"

Ralph Priatti is a student who was paid by Alex Peters to set his ex-girlfriend Gabby Shaw to be gang raped at a concert.


Ralph went to Whit-More High School, despite the fact that he did not come from a rich family, with fellow students Peters, Britt Yardley, Jake Swenders and Shaw. A few months after Shaw broke up with him, Peters formed a plan to have her be gang raped as revenge. Peters paid Ralph five-hundred dollars to pull Shaw's top down at a rock concert. They also got Ralph's older brother, Louis, to film Shaw when her top was pulled down. The night of the concert, Ralph gets into the club with a ticket Swenders bought for him then he, after being encouraged by Yardley, pulls Shaw's shirt down from behind and then pushes her into the crowd of drunk and aggressive men. As a result Shaw was severally gang raped and Ralph, along with his brother, leave the club before the police come.

After the SVU detectives learn that Ralph is the one who pulled her shirt down, Nick Amaro and Amanda Rollins question him outside the pizza shop he works at, he at first denies being at the concert but when they show him a picture of him leaving the club he admits that he was there but claims he had nothing to do with Shaw's assault. When Shaw calls Ralph on the phone, which was being recorded by the detectives, and confronts him about what he did to her he tried to apologize for what he did and hangs up. He is then brought in to be interrogated by Amaro and Odafin Tutuola and after they reveal that Shaw's phone call to him was recorded he eventually admits that he was paid by Peters to pull Shaw's shirt down and that Yardley and Swenders were in on the plan. He does not tell the detectives about his brother's involvement but during trial, A.D.A. Rafael Barba's key witness Frank Patterson, who suffers from PTSD, remembers that an army solider had recorded Shaw's gang rape and the detectives discovers that his brother was part of the conspiracy. Eventually Peters, Yardley, and Swenders plead guilty to conspiracy to commit the aggravated sexual assault of Gabby, and Ralph is presumably held responsible for his part in the crime. (SVU: "Traumatic Wound")