Randall Haber
Name Randall Haber
Affiliation Jackson Manor
Occupation Psychiatric facility owner
Pathology Double murder facilitator
Con artist
Family Unnamed wife
Status Imprisoned
Actor Joseph Siravo
First Appearance "Coerced"

Randall Haber is the owner of Jackson Manor, a psychiatric facility in Queens that was the center of an investigation into the neglect of its patients and the death and subsequent cover-up of one of them.


Haber founded and owned Jackson Manor, which took in mentally ill patients put into the system. However, he only saw them as an easy cash-grab and nothing more. As a result, he hired inept people as the home's supervisors and looked the other way when the patients were being neglected.

One day in 2002, a female patient at Jackson Manor, Martha Davis, shut herself in her room during an intense heat-wave. Another patient, Kevin Walker, pleaded with the staff to turn up the air-conditioning, but they refused as patients had to pay extra for it. Later that day, Martha died of severe heatstroke and the staff, including Haber, tried to cover it up as a suicide. However, Kevin saw through the lie and threatened to tell the police. As a result, Haber intentionally cut off his medication and eventually kicked him out after three days, threatening to kill him if he told anyone what happened to Martha. Afterwards, he continuously forged records to appear as if Kevin had never left.

In 2003, a psychotic Kevin, having been deprived of his medication for over a year, committed a crime spree, abducting a boy who he mistook for his son and later stabbing two men, one of them to death, when they tried to rescue the boy. Later, Kevin is arrested and the boy is rescued. Upon realizing he will be institutionalized again, Kevin flies into a rage and rants about Martha's murder during open court. Knowing he was medicated during the time, Detective Elliot Stabler investigated Jackson Manor and later finds out about what happened to Martha after interrogating Kevin.

Stabler and Detective Olivia Benson later arrive at Jackson Manor, only to see its rundown condition and the unsupervised activities of the patients. Haber confronts them when they look at Kevin's file, which stated he was present yesterday, only to be arrested for fraud. After being confronted by Kevin at the precinct, Haber accepts a deal to plead guilty to two concurrent counts of first-degree manslaughter in the deaths of Lester Hale and Martha Davis, and is now serving fifteen years in prison.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Numerous unnamed patients (all neglected)
  • Martha Davis (died of severe heatstroke as a result of the neglect; wrists were cut post-mortem)
  • Kevin Walker (neglected and cut off his medication; later kicked him out of Jackson Manor)
  • Victims of crimes caused by cutting off Kevin's medication:
    • Adam Forbes (kidnapped; was rescued)
    • The grocery store stabbings:
      • Emilio Vasquez (stabbed in the stomach; survived)
      • Lester Hale (stabbed repeatedly in the chest and killed)

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