Randy Dworkin
Name Randy Dworkin
Affiliation Pettijohn Burser (former)
Occupation Defense Attorney
Status Alive
Actor Peter Jacobson
First Appearance "Chosen"
Randolph "Randy" J. Dworkin is a Defense Attorney who was an adversary to Executive ADA Jack McCoy.

In L&O: "Chosen" it is stated that he attended Harvard Law School, clerked for federal Judge Tattleman in the Southern District, and worked six years for the Pettijohn Burser firm. Dworkin was offered a partnership but turned it down to start his own practice. In the same episode, after losing the case, Dworkin joined McCoy and Serena for a celebratory drink, showing no anger at losing. Instead, he just expressed a hope that God was more sympathetic to his client than the people of the state of New York.

In SVU: "Gone Fishin'" it is stated that he clerked for "Justice Scalia" (with the clear implication being that this was Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia) and primarily represents defendants in federal court.