Ray Masters
Name Ray Masters
Occupation Basketball coach
Pathology Child molester
Status Imprisoned
Actor Dan Lauria
First Appearance "Personal Fouls"

Coach Ray Masters is a child molester, rapist, and pedophile.


Masters was one of the most successful coaches in basketball. Masters was a well respected and known basketball coach that runs training programs for children and professional players. However, underneath this facade, he sexually abused the boys he was coaching, beginning when they were ten years old. He stopped abusing them when they reached around fifteen years old, as puberty seemed to be too old for him.

Stevie, a former basketball player, claims that he was molested by Masters. Stevie is now living as a homeless junkie and talks to Detective Nick Amaro about the abuse that he suffered as a child. He tells Nick that he was paid off by the coach in order to remain quiet about the molestation, but everyone else on the team is unable to find any evidence or support to back up Stevie's claim.

According to Stevie, his roommate Prince Miller supposedly received worse treatment than Stevie had. Prince won't admit that any of this actually happened to him and as a result, he resented Stevie. Later, the team finds Stevie dead. He had overdosed on heroin. It is suspicious that Miller's manager, Supreme, had forced a shot of heroin into Stevie. Supreme knew that Stevie was a recovering addict and he needed to ensure that his client's image did not get tarnished by the bad press.

Miller confronts his old coach and decides to testify against him in front of the jury. Ultimately, Ray Masters is arrested and Prince encourages the other victims to come forward with their stories, because they shouldn't be ashamed because they didn't do anything wrong, and that Masters did.