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Ray Schenkel

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Ray Schenkel
Ray Schenkel
Name Ray Schenkel
Pathology Ex-serial rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Robert Patrick
First Appearance Demons

Ray Schenkel was a former serial rapist who managed to make parole. He was previously sentenced to 20 years for the rape of a 14 year old girl among others. He was released afterwards under the watchful eye of his parole officer. On the bus back to New York City, Ray attacked a girl. Detective Stabler knew he was a recent rapist and went undercover to prove it. He got a van and tried to see if he would rape again. He kidnapped a girl and told Stabler to rape her. After Stabler set her free, he held him with a gun until they were in a stand off. Stabler managed to subdue Ray before he was reimprisoned for 25 years the kidnapping and attempted rape. (SVU: "Demons")

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