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"Reality Bites"
L&O, Episode 20.04
Production number: 20004
First aired: 16 October 2009
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Written By
Ed Zuckerman & Luke Schelhaas

Directed By
Constantine Makris

Plot Edit

Lupo and Bernard investigate the murder of the adopted mother of a boy with special needs, and find that she and her husband had adopted nine other children. Further investigation reveals that this couple also had a plan to turn their lives into a reality-TV show.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest cast Edit

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Quotes Edit

(Rubirosa is being followed by a camera crew)
Michael Cutter: You having fun?
Connie Rubirosa: I am gonna kill you and then I’m gonna kill McCoy.
Michael Cutter: On camera?
Connie Rubirosa: I don’t…I don’t care! I’d be better off in prison! Where are you?
Michael Cutter: Uh, I’m in the courthouse. (watches her across the street) You almost here?
Connie Rubirosa: Yeah. Uh-huh. (angry) Except first I have to tell my friend the CAMERA what’s going on!
Michael Cutter: What are you gonna say?
Connie Rubirosa: (exasperated sigh) Don’t worry, just the party line.

Background information & notes Edit

  • This episode was obviously inspired in part by the turmoil on the reality TV series Jon & Kate Plus 8.

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"Great Satan"
"Reality Bites"
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