Renee Clark
Skyler day svu
Name Renee Clark
Affiliation Students Together Against Rape (STAR)
Occupation College student
Family Unnamed parents
Status Alive
Actor Skyler Day
First Appearance "Girl Dishonored"
Last Appearance "Comic Perversion"

Renee Clark is a rape victim who later leads an organization against campus rape.


Renee is a college student at Tompkins Square University (TSU). During her time there, Travis Holmes, Wesley Grimes, and Carter Pressman, members of the Tau Omega fraternity, gang-raped her. When she reported this to the campus police, they and the administration pressured her not to file charges and to commit herself to a mental hospital.

On SVUEdit

The three rapists would continue their college lives feeling they were untouchable. As a result, they eventually raped another girl named Lindsey Bennett. This time, however, the SVU was called in to investigate. Despite the college stonewalling the case, they found Renee and filed charges against all the responsible parties. When Lindsey commits suicide, the three suspects brag about the incident, along with Renee's rape, which is all the evidence SVU needs to properly convict them, the campus cop who buried the report, and the principal who forced Renee and other rape victims at the university to recant. After this, many other victims came forward with signs protesting the school's policy to protect rapists. Renee becomes so inspired by this that she starts a support group for rape victims called "Students Together Against Rape". (SVU: "Girl Dishonored")

She eventually meets Josh Galloway, a controversial comedian whose routine revolves around rape jokes. When she protests one of his shows, he jokes that she should be raped. When she leaves the club, two fellow students and Galloway fans try to rape her, but she whistles for help and the SVU arrests the two would-be assailants. She later assists the SVU detectives when a fellow student named Carly Rydell is allegedly raped by Galloway. When the trial seems to be going in Galloway's favor, Renee tries to entrap Galloway by gouing out with him. She fights off his advances and captures his actions on videotape, which she gives to ADA Rafael Barba. As a result, Galloway is forced to plead guilty to sexual assault charges. It is later discovered that Galloway is innocent of raping Carly; she made as an excuse to sue him for millions. (SVU: "Comic Perversion").

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