Richard Dwyer
Richard Dwyer
Name Richard Dwyer
Occupation Electronics store proprietor
Pathology Child pornographer
Child molester
Status Imprisoned
Actor Christopher Evan Welch
First Appearance "911"

Richard Dwyer was an electronics store owner and a producer of child pornography, currently serving time for a host of crimes relating to the false imprisonment and sexual abuse of Maria Recinos.


Richard, the proprietor of an electronics store, managed to purchase nine-year-old Hondurian national Maria Recinos after she was kidnapped while she and her mother were crossing the border to enter the United States. Initially content to use the girl for his own pleasure, he began sharing her with like-minded friends and filming her in order to make money.

Eventually, Maria managed to get ahold of a cellphone and called 911 while Richard was away. She was connected to Manhattan Special Victims Unit, where Detective Olivia Benson attempted to locate her. Richard returned just before Benson was able to trace Maria's calls and knocked her out with chloroform, intending to bury her alive. Unluckily for him, SVU deduced the location of his electronics store and arrived just as he was leaving after burying Maria. Though he refused to cooperate (and got his nose broken for attempting to assault Detective Benson), Maria was found in an empty lot across the street and was revived. Richard was subsequently sent to prison for first-degree kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, sexual abuse, and attempted murder. (SVU: "911")