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Richard Morgan
Name Richard Morgan
Affiliation Richmore Investments
Occupation CEO
Pathology Double murderer
Serial con artist
Double rapist
Status Deceased
Actor Richard Burgi
First Appearance "Confidential"

Richard Morgan was the CEO of Richmore Investments, a philanthropist, and a prime suspect in the rape-murders of accountants Renee Simmons and Nancy Pierce.


Morgan had only $5,000,000 on deposit after the stock market crashed on Black Monday in 1987. Simmons and Pierce, who were informants for the IRS, discovered this and were both raped and beaten to death, and the murder weapon was sealed in Morgan's shadow box.

In 2010, after Simmons' murder, Morgan was arrested for fraud and tax evasion and was placed on house arrest, pending investigation for the murders. As he set off for home, a victim of his frauds shot him to death. (SVU: "Confidential")

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