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Richard Purcell
Name Richard Purcell
Affiliation Sports and Events Network
Occupation Cameraman
Pathology Rapist
Family Theo Jordan (son with Avery Jordan)
Status Alive
Actor David Marciano
First Appearance "Legitimate Rape"

Richard Purcell is a cameraman who raped and impregnated a popular sports reporter named Avery Jordan.

Background Edit

Later in life Purcell studied law but did not take the bar and later got a job working as a cameraman. While working with Jordan, Purcell became obsessed with her and began stalking her. When he discovered that she was in a relationship with network anchor Jason Hollis, he used a hidden camera to record them having sex and blackmailed Hollis into ending the relationship. After being on tour together, Purcell dropped Jordan off at her apartment but secretly followed her inside. After Jordan came out of the bathroom from taking a shower, Purcell raped her. Jordan did not press charges because she was afraid it would affect her career, she continually tried to explain to Purcell that they would never be in a relationship but he would not listen.

Legitimate Rape Edit

When Jordan secretly meets with detective Olivia Benson to discuss what happened to her, Purcell secretly takes a photo of them and leaves it, along with a photo of Jordan and Hollis having sex, outside of her door with the words "Watching You" in order to frighten her. The next day, when detectives Odafin Tutuola and Amanda Rollins, go to question him, Purcell claims that the sex was consensual and that Jordan is lying because she's afraid Hollis might have found out. After Benson and A.D.A Rafael Barba convince Jordan to press charges, Purcell is arrested and it is later revealed that Jordan was impregnated, as a result of being raped.

In court Purcell was being defended by attorney Roger Kressler but asks judge Elana Barth to approach and she calls a recess. In Barth's chambers, Purcell says that his attorney is not doing a good job at defending him and asks to represent himself, which she allows. When Purcell cross-examines Hollis, he claims that Jordan only slept with Hollis to help her career. Purcell then questions Benson on the stand and asks why Jordan kept a baby that was the result of rape, after Benson says that it has been known to happen Purcell tries to claim that she dislikes men. When Purcell cross-examines Jordan, he says that she always wanted a baby and that he gave her one but Jordan maintains that he raped her. Purcell then calls Congressmen Fritz Showalter to testify that Jordan would not had become pregnant, if she had been a victim of "legitimate rape" but Barba is able to discredit Showalter by bringing up a settlement he made with a women he worked with.

Because one of the female jurors believed Showalter about the legitimate rape argument, she refused to vote guilty and the jury made a deal to find Purcell guilty of stalking but not guilty of rape and Purcell is sentenced to time served, much to Jordan's dismay. After Jordan has given birth to her baby Theo, Purcell sues for custody of him. At family court, Purcell tries to use the fact that Jordan has been prescribed pills for her depression, to claim that she is an unfit to raise Theo but her attorney Rita Calhoun points out that Theo is perfectly healthy while in her care and then uses the fact that Purcell stalked and raped Jordan to maintain that he is an unfit father. Judge Ruth Linden reprimands Purcell for what he put Jordan through and awarded Jordan full custody of Theo but was legally obligated to grant Purcell supervised visitation rights once a week, which upsets Jordan. Later on Purcell arrives at the precinct for visitation with his son but Jordan used her private jet to flee to a country where extradition would be difficult, in order to keep Purcell out of her and her sons lives. When Jordan did not show up, captain Donald Cragen, decided to lie to Purcell that they do not know where Jordan and the baby are, but that a search is underway. (SVU: "Legitimate Rape")

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