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Dickie Stabler
Dickie Stabler 3
Name Richard Stabler
Occupation Student
Family Elliot Stabler (father)
Kathy Stabler (mother)
Maureen Stabler (sister)
Kathleen Stabler (sister)
Elizabeth Stabler (sister)
Elliot Stabler, Jr. (brother)
Bernadette Stabler
(paternal grandmother)
Joseph Stabler
(paternal grandfather)
Status Alive
Actor Jeffrey Scaperrotta
First Appearance A Single Life
Last Appearance Turmoil

Richard "Dickie" Stabler (born February 21, 1993) is the third born child of Detective Elliot Stabler and Kathy Stabler. His siblings are Maureen, Kathleen, his twin sister Elizabeth, and Elliot Jr..

He and his twin sister were born in 1993. They were sixteen in season 11 and turned eight during spring 2001. (Countdown )

Unknown to his father, he preferred to be called Richard by his friends, at least according to one mother. (Turmoil)

Social LifeEdit

Richard "Dickie" Stabler claims in one episode that he really didn't have much of a social life, due to the fact that his dad is a cop/detective, so therefore, this resulted in him being in a closed shell.


  • Elliot and Dickie are very close, even though in one episode, they were in a fight about Dickie wanting to join the military and Elliot wouldn't accept that Dickie was growing up and becoming a man.
  • In the Season Eight episode "Scheherazade", Dickie chooses Michael as his confirmation name as Michael is the Patron Saint of Cops.
  • Dickie is named after his father's hero.

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