Ricki Austin
Ricki Austin
Name Ricki Austin
Occupation Musician
Pathology Child neglector
Drug addict
Family Jared Black (husband)
Ashley Austin Black (daughter)
Corbin Austin Black (adoptive son; deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Christine Andreas
First Appearance Abuse

Ricki Austin is a popular country music singer who came under investigation for neglect by Manhattan Special  Victims Unit after her daughter Ashley began attaching herself to Detective Benson. After getting a restraining order to prevent Benson from being anywhere near her daughter and promising the courts she would care for her, she went to London to give a sold-out concert for her tour.(SVU: "Abuse")


  • Ricki is married to Jared Black, from the Black Plague band.
  • According to one of their former nannies, Sarah, she is a drug addict as she has seen her looking stoned and neglects Ashley.
  • It is implied that she and Jared use their money and power to make their problems go away, such as donating a new library to Ashley's school to keep her from getting expelled and for her not to see a therapist, a doctor not to run a tox screen when she was in a car accident and possibly a judge to get Ashley back.

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