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Ricky Blaine

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Ricky Blaine
Ricky Blaine
Name Ricky Blaine
Title The Measuring Man
Occupation Car Mechanic
Pathology Serial Rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Todd Stashwick
First Appearance ...Or Just Look Like One

Ricky Blaine is a car mechanic who was also known as 'The Measuring Man.' According to Debroah Latrell, a victim of his and the one who ended her modeling career, for years, he would pose as a modeling scout and tell girls he needed their measurments. After he gained their trust, he sexually assaulted and threatened them, if they told, they would never work. He served time in Creedmore, and was released afterwards.

Stabler and Benson visited him at his work and confiscated his hammer. Blaine tells the detectives he was watching a football game for the commercials and estimates Benson's measurements before attempting to touch her face, but ends up getting arrested by Stabler and Benson.

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