Ricky Blaine
Ricky Blaine
Name Ricky Blaine
Title The Measuring Man
Occupation Car mechanic
Pathology Convicted serial rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Todd Stashwick
First Appearance ...Or Just Look Like One

Ricky Blaine is a car mechanic and convicted serial rapist who was also known as 'The Measuring Man.' According to his victim Deborah Latrell, he would pose as a modeling scout and tell women he needed their measurements. After he gained their trust, he sexually assaulted them and threatened to ruin their careers if they told anyone. He served time in Creedmore, and was released afterwards.

Benson and Stabler visited him at his work to question him about a rape he was suspected of committing. Blaine told the detectives he was watching a football game at the time of the rape. He then made a pass at Benson and tried physically intimidate her; Benson kneed him and placed him under arrest for assaulting a police officer.

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