Ricky Yao
Name Ricky Yao
Affiliation The Snake Heads
Occupation Pimp
Pathology Serial killer
Sexual assailant
Serial proxy murderer
Serial proxy rapist
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Jack Yang
First Appearance "Debt"

Ricky Yao is a pimp and murderer.

History Edit

Ricky is a pimp who specialized in immigrants, particularly Asians. He claims to Detectives Benson and Stabler that he runs a dating website after a mother goes missing. However, through further investigation, it becomes clear that Ricky was murdering his prostitutes. He is interrogated and is offered deals by ADA Novak and the detectives, but he claims he did nothing wrong.

Ricky is later sent to prison for life for his crimes after several Asian prostitute immigrants are found in his care. (SVU: "Debt")

Known Victims Edit

  • Unknown dates:
    • Sexually assaulted and/or facilitated the rapes of hundreds of unnamed women
    • Three unnamed victims (all murdered)
    • Several unnamed victims (all murdered under his orders)
  • 2004:
    • Unknown date: Ping Wu (kidnapped and facilitated her rapes; later attempted to order her hit; was rescued)
    • July 6: The Wu family
      • Jiao Wu (Ping's mother; slashed her throat)
      • Hannah Wu (Jiao's middle daughter; attempted; indirectly left for dead by murdering Jiao)
      • Suzie Wu (Jiao's youngest daughter; attempted; indirectly left for dead by murdering Jiao)
    • July 14-15: Li Mei Wu (Jiao's sister; assaulted; beaten and cut her forehead)

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