Rider Strong
Ethan Edwards
Ethan Edwards
Date of birth
11 December 1979
Place of birth
San Francisco, California, USA
IMDb profile

Rider Strong is an actor who played the role of Ethan Edwards in the Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode "The Pilgrim".

Rider began his acting career at the young age of 9, when he starred as Gavroche in the San Francisco production of Les Misérables. After the stage production, Rider appeared in small screen roles on television. In 1992, he received his first regular television series role as Julie Andrews's son on Julie. When the series was canceled, Rider made his debut on film as Amy Irving's son in Benefit of the Doubt.

It was not until he was chosen for the role of Shawn Hunter in the ABC series Boy Meets World that he received fame and recognition. During the seven year run he was nominated twice for the Young Artist Award. However, though he enjoyed the role of Shawn Hunter, Rider was continually perceived as "the Bad Boy." In the 2006 series Child Star Confidential, Rider revealed that the fan mail he received on the set of Boy Meets World, often asked him to murder someone for them. When the series ended, Rider returned to the big screen to star as Paul in the indie horror film Cabin Fever.

Rider is currently working on Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, the sequel to Cabin Fever. It is slated to be released in 2008.

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