Ritchie Coster
Carlo Parisi, Jorgan Stern, Simon Matic, Mark Bruner, Shane Lucas, Kevin Almonte, and Jack Taylor
Date of birth
1 July 1967
Place of birth
London, England
IMDb profile

Ritchie Coster is an actor who played six different characters in Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Law & Order: Trial by Jury.

Coster made several guest appearances in other television series, including New York Undercover, Third Watch, Sex and the City and CSI. He has appeared in films such as American Gangster, The Dark Knight, The Bounty Hunter, Let Me In and By the Gun. He recently appeared on the HBO series True Detective and has been in many film and shows by filmmaker Michael Mann.

Appearances Edit

Carlo Parisi
Jorgan Stern
Simon Matic
Mark Bruner
Carlo Parisi Jorgan Stern Simon Matic Mark Bruner
SVU: "...Or Just Look Like One" L&O: "Dissonance" CI: "Homo Homini Lupis" L&O: "Bodies"
Shane Lucas
Kevin Almonte
Jack Taylor
Shane Lucas Kevin Almonte Jack Taylor
TBJ: "Skeleton" L&O: "Invaders" CI: "The Glory That Was"

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