Robert Purcell
Name Rob Purcell
Affiliation Dena Carter
Pathology Murderer
Family Lisa Purcell (wife)
Megan Purcell (daughter; deceased)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Jeremy Davidson
First Appearance "Deadlock"

Robert "Rob" Purcell was the father of one of eight people who were murdered in a killing spree by escaped convict Leon Vorgitch.


Distraught that the District Attorney's office failed to seek the recently-abolished death penalty against Leon, Robert, at the behest of defense attorney Dena Carter, shot Leon to death outside the courthouse.

Whilst Robert expressed remorse for committing murder, he did not regret Leon's death.

Robert was convicted of second-degree murder, but he later testified against Carter, who hired him to kill Leon by informing him of his time and location. The charge was reduced to manslaughter, and his sentence to 3-10 years in prison, whilst Carter was sentenced to life imprisonment in Bedford Hills.