Ronnie Watley
Ronnie Watley's Interrogation
Name Ronnie Watley
Affiliation LesBeStrong
Occupation Graphic designer
Pathology Double rapist
Status Imprisoned
Actor Chad Donella
First Appearance "P.C."

Ronnie Watley is a double rapist who targeted members of the lesbian rights group LesBeStrong, which he was a member of. Feeling deprived of sex because of the rising lesbian population in his neighborhood, he began raping his victims, motivated by the homophobic belief that he would "correct" their lifestyles.

He confessed to the rapes while interrogated by Detective Olivia Benson (who was masquerading as a lesbian) and was imprisoned afterwards. (SVU: "P.C.")

Known VictimsEdit

  • Alisa Davies (raped and accidentally slashed her throat; survived, but died at a hospital)
  • Rosemary (raped)

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