Rose Summers
Name Rose Summers
Occupation Actress
Family Catherine Summers (sister)
Mavis Summers (sister)
Frank Maddox (fiancé/ex-brother-in-law)
Daniel Maddox (nephew)
Chelsea Maddox (niece)
Status Alive
Actor Emma Bell
First Appearance Reasonable Doubt

Rose Summers is a woman who started a sexual affair with her brother-in-law, Frank Maddox, when she was a child and became engaged to him when she came of age.

History Edit

When Rose was a toddler, her older sister, Catherine Summers, met and eventually married Maddox, who helped her become a famous actress. When she was still a child, Rose and Maddox began having consensual sex despite her still being minor and he took nude pictures of her when she was in her mid-teens. Years later when Rose was eighteen-years old, Maddox divorced Catherine and became engaged to Rose. As a result Catherine was very hurt and refused to speak with Rose again. Maddox also helped Rose on the road to becoming a star by casting her as an actress on his show. When Maddox molested his and Catherine's daughter Chelsea Maddox, sergeant Olivia Benson and detective Nick Amaro question Rose at the studio. Rose tells them about how upset Catherine was when Maddox divorced her and claims that Catherine made Chelsea make false accusations. When the nude pictures of an underage Rose were leaked to the media, she and Maddox appear on the news to profess their love for each other and claim that Chelsea was manipulated by Catherine to make false allegations against him.

Later Catherine brings Chelsea to the studio to scold Rose for defending Maddox after molesting Chelsea, Rose asks to speak with Catherine privately but she refused and left to press charges after Maddox came and put his arm around Chelsea. While Maddox is on trial for molesting Chelsea, Rose continues to support him. Later Rose's older sister, Mavis Summers appears on the news to reveal how Maddox raped her when she was thirteen and reveals that she leaked the nude pictures of Rose to stop Maddox for hurting anyone else. Afterwords Maddox uses his private jet to flee to France and is joined by Rose. In France Maddox and Rose hold a press conference, claiming that Catherine and Mavis are jealous and have a vendetta against him and he claims that he will never return to the America because the country had changed. When he is asked if the charges against him are real, Rose answers that he is innocent and professes her love for him. (SVU: "Reasonable Doubt")

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