Rudy Ventano
Rudy Ventano
Name Rudy Ventano
Family Cecilia (mother)
Unborn child (deceased)
Status Deceased
Actor Jason Cerbone
First Appearance World's Fair

Rudy Ventano was an Italian-American and Meena Hasni's forbidden boyfriend.

His girlfriend was killed by Dani Hasni, in order to preserve the Hasni's family "honor". Dani wanted to place the blame on Rudy, because he fought with his sister. Meena was seven weeks pregnant with their child, but she wanted to have an abortion. Rudy wanted to keep the baby. They went for a walk to the Unisphere 15 to talk about their unborn child, and Rudy left her there. Something he would deeply regret.

Rudy's uncle Joseph wanted to make sure that the police wouldn't look at his cousin for being Meena's murderer, and cooked up an alibi. Later it turned out that Rudy did have a solid alibi for the time of the murder.

Rudy wanted to explain his love for Meena to her family, but things quickly got out of hand. Meena's father, Kazi, pointed a gun at Rudy's face, and a struggle began. During the fight Rudy got shot and died shortly after. Cecilia Ventano, Rudy's mother, blamed her son's death on the Hasni's and their Muslim beliefs. (CI:"World's Fair")

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