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Russell Ramsay

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Russell Ramsay
Name Russell Ramsay
Occupation Exterminator
Pathology Alleged (ex-)rapist
Registered sex offender
Status Deceased
Actor Derek Cecil
First Appearance Taken

Russell Ramsay was wrongfully sent to prison for statutory rape by the disapproving parents of his then-15-year-old girlfriend, Shelly Leevack. Five years later, he was released, only to end up in the crosshairs of grifter Siobhan Miller. Approaching him at the grand opening of Thorpe Palace Hotel, the supposedly-17-year-old Siobhan (who was actually 23) offered Ramsay sex. When they finished, Ramsay left. Unbeknownst to him, Siobhan then had her sister-in-law work her over to make her look like she was raped, and then stumbled into the lobby, all as part of an elaborate plan to get $10 million out of the hotel's wealthy owners. Ramsay was thrown in jail for the supposed rape, and because of his record, nobody believed him when he said the sex had been completely consensual. Eventually, it was determined that Ramsay was innocent all along, but before he could be released, he was beaten, raped and murdered (motive unknown) at Rikers and Siobhan was arrested because of her false allegation leading to Ramsay's death.

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