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The third season of the police procedural drama series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit aired on NBC between September 28, 2001 and concluded on May 17, 2002. The season consists of 23 episodes.

Production Edit

In the aftermath of 9/11, the main title voiceover by Steven Zirnkilton was changed for the first few episodes to include the following dedication: "On September 11, 2001, New York City was ruthlessly and criminally attacked. While no tribute can ever heal the pain of that day, the producers of Law & Order dedicate this season to the victims & their families and to the firefighters & police officers who remind us every day with their lives & courage what it truly means to be an American". Syndicated airings of the episodes removed the dialogue to the original title voiceover. The opening sequence changed as well; NBC ordered the opening credits for the third season reedited to remove images of the World Trade Center.


Robert John Burke, Peter Hermann (Mariska's husband), Joel de la Fuente and Judith Light joins the recurring cast members. Dianne Wiest made her a special guest in this season.

Main CastEdit

Image Character Title Actor
Meloni icon
Elliot Stabler Detective (Senior Officer) Christopher Meloni
Hargitay icon
Olivia Benson Detective (Junior Officer) Mariska Hargitay
Belzer icon
John Munch Detective (Senior Officer) Richard Belzer
Ice icon Odafin "Fin" Tutuola Detective (Junior Officer) Ice-T
March icon Alexandra Cabot Assistant District Attorney Stephanie March
Florek icon
Donald Cragen Captain (Commanding Officer) Dann Florek

Recurring/Guest CastEdit

Image Character Title Actor
Wong icon George Huang FBI Special Agent B.D. Wong
Tunie icon
Melinda Warner Medical Examiner Tamara Tunie
Wiest icon
Nora Lewin Interim District Attorney Dianne Wiest

List of EpisodesEdit

Image Episode # Title Production # Original Airdate
Cragen Ramsey Repression 3.01 (#44) Repression E2310 28 September 2001
Benson Wrath 3.02 (#45) Wrath E2314 5 October 2001
Stabler Stolen 3.03 (#46) Stolen E2315 12 October 2001
Fin Rooftop 3.04 (#47) Rooftop E2318 19 October 2001
Stabler Benson Lara Todd Tangled 3.05 (#48) Tangled E2312 26 October 2001
Stabler John Hawkins Redemption 3.06 (#49) Redemption E2319 2 November 2001
Wesley Jansen 3.07 (#50) Sacrifice E2309 9 November 2001
Benson Inheritance 3.08 (#51) Inheritance E2311 16 November 2001
Warner Care 3.09 (#52) Care E2317 23 November 2001
Amelia Chase 3.10 (#53) Ridicule E2316 14 December 2001
Cabot Langan Monogamy 3.11 (#54) Monogamy E2323 4 January 2002
Stabler Protection 3.12 (#55) Protection E2327 11 January 2002
Fin Munch Prodigy 3.13 (#56) Prodigy E2326 18 January 2002
Fin Benson Counterfeit 3.14 (#57) Counterfeit E2313 25 January 2002
Matthew Linwood Brodus 3.15 (#58) Execution E2325 1 February 2002
Benson Cynthia Wilmont Popular 3.16 (#59) Popular E2329 1 March 2002
Benson Cabot Surveillance 3.17 (#60) Surveillance E2328 8 March 2002
Elizabeth Donnelly 3.18 (#61) Guilt E2332 29 March 2002
Donnelly Cabot Justice 3.19 (#62) Justice E2331 5 April 2002
Stabler Greed 3.20 (#63) Greed E2330 26 April 2002
Cabot Denial 3.21 (#64) Denial E2334 3 May 2002
Huang Competence 3.22 (#65) Competence E2335 10 May 2002
Stabler Cragen Silence 3.23 (#66) Silence E3103 17 May 2002

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